PMU Corrections Training

Permanent makeup correction and pigment lightening is a removal process in which saline is tattooed into the skin to draw the pigment to the skin's surface. Removing as much of the pigment as possible is the ultimate goal.

In this training you will be getting the following things listed down below

1. PMU corrections full kit 
2. Manual 
3. Live model (we provide your model)
4.  PMU corrections certificate 
5. Bloodborne pathogen certificate 
6. State forms for clients 
7. You will be included on a student support group via WhatsApp.
8. You will have the opportunity to bring 1 more models into our studio for more 1 on 1 training with one of our instructors.
9. You will also get the opportunity to retake the theory part of the class. 
10. We provide you with advise and directions on how to open up your own studio.